Fashion….what’s a girl to do

Looking through magazines, catalogues, and watching television, one might get very confused when it comes to fashion..right???!!!  Not in style, dated, trendy, on point fashion, and many other words.  Flair jeans, skinny, high waist, distressed, not distressed, legging, bootie, open toe, knee high, over the knee, white boot, no to white, bell sleeve, cold shoulder, cage neck, velveteen, embroidered, belt, no belt…..

The descriptions go on and on and the trends come and go.  But the trends don’t go forever!  If we live long enough, we will see a repeat of a style we one time embraced.  I clearly remember when bell bottom pants we’re in style in the 70’s and I can remember when the style made a comeback.  My daughter embraced it, I did not!  Some things we just don’t have to do again.  There have been other trends she would talk to me about and I would just usually tell her, “I have already done that.”  
I talk about all this because it is a reality but we really do not have to get caught up in it.  It does not have to be confusing and difficult.  Once we know our style, which I talk about so much, we can say no.  We can pass by things that do not appeal to us and we can look great.  We can embrace our style and look stylish because we know our style and we own our style.  

 Do you need help discovering what looks best on your body type?  The shopping is more fun and mistakes are less likely to happen.  Now is the perfect time to stop the confusion, embrace your style , and start having fun when you dress.


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