My Friday Favorite…..A New Red

I went on a search a few weeks ago and I call it a very successful search.  I found exactly what I was looking for , so……WIN!!!

When the calendar says it’s fall, I have said before, my makeup does a change.  I want richer colors, brighter lips, and darker hair.  I look forward to the change and I love to shop for new colors.  

I took a trip to Sephora and my intent was to spend as long as I needed finding the perfect new fall lipstick.  Many times, when I want a new product, I put that on the list, and spend the day dedicated to that one thing.  It is fine with me if it is all that gets done that day.  I would rather accomplish this one thing and be excited about my find, that try to fit this into a day of errand running and then question my choice.  

This trip was a success.  A new color for fall and I am in love with the color. The brand is Marc Jacobs and I love the lipstick.  It stays very moist, yet does not creep above the upper lip.  It stays put, yet my lips do not look dry.  I have worn it for several weeks to see if it met my approval in what I wanted and the answer is yes!!!  I have looked at this brand before but decided to wait until fall to purchase a new color and I am happy I waited.  This may be the perfect weekend to have fun, make an adventure out of a trip to Sephora or your favorite makeup counter and do some investigating.  Invest a little “me time” and perhaps a pumpkin latte.

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