A Balancing Act…

For me, there are varying prices of clothes in my closet.  When working with clients, I also suggest this advice.

I advise clients to have some “go to” clothes.  These are clothes which can be grabbed any time that will take one anywhere.  They are the basics that I think every woman needs in the closet. Then, there are the trendy pieces I do not spend nearly as much money on and I will, most likely, wear one season.

I always suggest a great fitting pair of black slacks.  I will do a post in the future of wearing said black pants every day for a week and how many different looks can be created.  This is an investment piece, in my opinion, and more money can be spent here.  A great fabric that will wear well is so important.  Starting this time of year, these pants can be worn for work, worn on dates, worn to church, because of cooler weather, and any job setting you are in.

Next, I look for a fabulous, well-fitting dress.  Of course, we look for the “LBD”.  It doesn’t have to be black, but black always works.  I find most  women enjoy a black dress and it can certainly take us anywhere also.  A well fitted dress always makes us feel great and if it doesn’t have a trendy cut, it can last for years.  I suggest a shift or wrap dress many times for this piece.  This style looks great on any body type.

I next suggest a well fitted jacket.  The fabric can be varied and a personal choice.  I love a great leather or suede this time of the year, but a nice soft blend is always perfect too.  Again, I suggest this to be one suited to you in color and style, but a color you love and will no tire of.  I believe a jacket can be great with jeans, a dress and any slack in your closet.  A trendy jacket could be more your style and that is ok too.  Just realize your price could be different and this piece could be changed up from year to year.  Because I am shorter, I like a shorter jacket length too.  This too, is a personal choice, but it needs to fit your body style well.

What closet would be complete without a great fitting  pair of jeans?  Of course, most of us have more than one pair of jeans, but if you have one pair that fits perfect, you will be set.  Like shopping for a swimsuit, if it takes a day, and trying on 30 pair, it will be time well spent.  Style that suits your body type is very important here.

Another classic is the white shirt.  How far can a pair of black slacks and a crisp white shirt take you?  In my opinion, a long way!  It can be adorned with pearls, a fabulous cashmere wrap, a fun vest, or on its own.  The white shirt needs to be a nice fabric that will hold up and look great after many wears.  I love a great, crisp cotton and I also love a beautiful silk.

I truly believe every closet needs a great white T.  I love  having 2-3 white T’s.  I want a sleeveless, and a couple of long sleeve.  Necklines could be differing also.  Truly, like a great pair of slacks, a day spent looking for your perfect T will not be a wasted day.

These are items I encourage every woman to shop for and enhance her closet with.

Do you need some updates?  Give me a call and let’s make a day of it!

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