Time out….

Life has been so hectic as of late and will continue to be for all of us through the end of the year.

This in not a news flash for anyone; just the reality of our times. At times I feel really sad to realize how quickly things are happening. If we aren’t careful to live in the day, it can really be that we look up and the holiday season is over and we wonder if we experienced it at all.

This year I decided to do something my daughter has been doing for years. I cannot take credit for the idea, but I did decide to incorporate it. I am making a calendar for the month of December of things I want to do. I want to make an event of the ordinary days and celebrate the entire magical month.

These events may be as simple as lighting a Christmas candle and playing the Christmas playlist while eating dinner. Perhaps a night snuggling in Christmas pjs while watching a Christmas movie…. I always love Frosty the snowman ⛄️ How about a night wrapping gifts together with friends or family members? Driving around with a hot chocolate looking at Christmas lights is always so fun for me. I also love candy making and cookie baking. How about inviting a group of little girls into your home to bake and let mommy have a day to herself? What a gift to give and receive!!!! Making events of the simplest holiday tradition can enhance the true spirit of Christmas and I don’t want to look back December 26th and wonder what happened!

How do you intend to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year?

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