My favorite…..Velvet

Have you ever wanted to dress a little different for the holiday season yet felt like you didn’t really have an event to dress for? Perhaps, just a little more fun or a little more polished in your every day look; just because glitz is all around right now? You are in luck!

There has never been more velvet around than there is right now. From camis, to T’s, to short sleeve tops, to just a velvet sleeve, to leggings, to…..need I say more? Velvet is everywhere! And the best news of all….you can wash and wear.

I don’t know about you, but I do like to dress a little more fun during the holidays and this change in texture and fabric makes it so easy! You can still wear your jeans, boots, Uggs, and feel a bit more festive because you have a little crush with velvet going on….😁…..just a slight play on words. Ha❣️

Take a chance and invite a friend to lunch if you have no event! Make your event! Perhaps a cocoa date with your favorite and drive around to see the lights…put on that velvet top and take a nighttime walk in the park….create your fIrst tradition and let velvet be a part of it! It will

make you feel festive…..I promise!

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