How is it going?

So….here we are, perhaps the busiest month of the year….the most wonderful time of the year….right?

Sometimes, this beautiful month can create a mood that transcends all the beauty this precious time of year is all about. How has that happened? How have we allowed the greatest gift we could ever receive become the battleground that removes all feelings of love, giving, and even receiving? How has the focus of generosity and giving become a focus of strife and debt? How has all the joy and peace given way to unrest and anger?

A few years back, I was so sad during the holidays and really did not know if I even wanted to decorate for the Christmas season. We would be leaving for Christmas and no one would be seeing my home anyway, I told myself. Then I realized I had a guest every single day in my home if I invited Him. I realized I had a guest that I was celebrating during these not so fun Holidays. I realized the amount of strife I allowed was totally in my control and I had the ability to rise above it all and enjoy the season regardless of what was going on around me. I could choose rest, peace, and fun doing all the things I loved to do. I could bake, make my favorite candies, decorate my home, entertain precious people in my home, and give gifts to people I adore.

I made the decision to invite the guest I wanted to partake every day, every meal, every joy, and yes, every sorrow with. I chose to welcome Him and enjoy His presence….

What a beautiful decision….attitude adjusted…❣️

Merry Christmas to you and yours….

Thank you my dear readers and friends for your continued support….❤️❤️❤️

I cherish you and look forward to another beautiful year…

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