Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you do a closet detox?

I believe a clean slate makes all of us feel better.  When you open your closet door, you should have the confidence that everything in your closet fits you, looks spectacular on you, works with many of the other pieces in your closet, and meets the needs of your lifestyle. It is common for my clients to have a full closet, but constantly finding themselves declaring “I have nothing to wear…”

How long does a closet detox take?

You should allow 5 hours for our first detox.  This process involves a walk through the clothes already in your closet, sorting, trying on, remixing to create completely new outfits, accessorizing outfits, and taking photos for future reference.

What happens to the clothes we get rid of?

I pack up your gently used clothes and take them to a charity that helps economically disadvantaged women reenter the workforce.

If you have an organization you are passionate about, I will deliver your donations to that particular organization on your behalf. Clothes removed from your closet will never be left behind to find their way back in.

Do I have to do anything before you come?

Absolutely not! When our time together starts, we will be able to assess quickly what needs to be done. I need to see your closet the way you actually use it.  We make no judgments. What happens during closet detox stays between you and I.  Your secrets are safe with me, and you can trust that I am a professional.

What if the process takes longer than 5 hours?

You and I will agree on another time to get together or if time does not permit another meeting, I will instruct you on the next steps you need to take.

What happens next?

After the hard work is done, the fun begins.

Throughout the process, we will have created a list of items that will complete your closet. Those items will be divided into “needs” (the basics) and  “wants” (the trendier items).  Once we have determined needs and wants, a shopping trip will be scheduled. We encourage a trip together if possible, but this is not absolutely necessary.  I can shop for you then bring the clothing into the privacy of your own home.

The process is designed to put together outfits from your existing closet that you did not even know you had. My clients say that this has saved them so much time and money! You will be empowered to see your best looks and your personal style…remember, we all have a style.  Won’t it be great to shop with a particular look in mind or even go into a store on the hunt for that perfect pair of shoes instead of wandering around the store totally frustrated. Remember,  you don’t have to do any of the shopping…I am fully capable and love the shopping challenge!

Why would I hire a personal shopper?

Many of my clients prefer not to shop on their own because they face time constraints or have a love-hate relationship with the shopping experience. These is the woman I love to help.  If your passions lie elsewhere or you just don’t know where to start, I am here to help you pull together the look you want.

What makes PS…just for you unique?

I desire to have a personal relationship with each of my client. I will always stay focused on helping you find your very unique style. Since I am an independent consultant, I am not limited by one store or one particular brand.  I want to build a relationship with you as I help you continue to build a wardrobe you are proud of. My clients value me because I value them.

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