My Process

PS…just for you is very interested in making the client feel heard, understood and very comfortable.  I feel a phone consultation is a very important part of that process.  I like to take that 1st step with a client to determine their needs and that step takes usually 15-20 minutes.  The phone consultation is completely free!

The next step I usually like to take is an in home service called the closet detox.  This  is the most important part of starting a relationship with a new client.  This process takes up to 5 hrs and the fee is $400.

From here the fun really begins for us as we are now ready to shop.  This again is the choice of the client as to whether she is a part of this process or not.  The client has the option of shopping with me or allowing me to shop and bring items into the privacy of the home for a client to try on and determine what she wants to keep.  The fee for this service is 20% of the total cost of items the client determines to keep.

There may be an additional fee when  travel is incurred.

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