My Friday Favorite…..A New Red

I went on a search a few weeks ago and I call it a very successful search.  I found exactly what I was looking for , so……WIN!!!

When the calendar says it’s fall, I have said before, my makeup does a change.  I want richer colors, brighter lips, and darker hair.  I look forward to the change and I love to shop for new colors.  

I took a trip to Sephora and my intent was to spend as long as I needed finding the perfect new fall lipstick.  Many times, when I want a new product, I put that on the list, and spend the day dedicated to that one thing.  It is fine with me if it is all that gets done that day.  I would rather accomplish this one thing and be excited about my find, that try to fit this into a day of errand running and then question my choice.  

This trip was a success.  A new color for fall and I am in love with the color. The brand is Marc Jacobs and I love the lipstick.  It stays very moist, yet does not creep above the upper lip.  It stays put, yet my lips do not look dry.  I have worn it for several weeks to see if it met my approval in what I wanted and the answer is yes!!!  I have looked at this brand before but decided to wait until fall to purchase a new color and I am happy I waited.  This may be the perfect weekend to have fun, make an adventure out of a trip to Sephora or your favorite makeup counter and do some investigating.  Invest a little “me time” and perhaps a pumpkin latte.

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My Friday favorite…..Mac Shadow

I headed to Austin last weekend and had the opportunity to run a few errands.  By errands, I mean a side step for a bit of shopping.😍  Of course, I made a run to the Domain and a trip into Nordstrom.  Oh, how I enjoy this beautiful store.  I love every department and the help is always attentive and knowledgeable.  I am still one who enjoys strolling through the stores, touching, smelling, looking and feeling all the joy shopping brings me.

One stop I usually make is the Mac counter.  I love the eye shadows from Mac better than any other shadows.   I  love the way they go on and I love the creamy feel, yet powder base they are created from.  They are so easy to blend with a great Mac brush.  I also love the abundance of colors.  I wanted a new fall look and something different all together.  Just ready for a new, fun look….perhaps outside the box!  I trust the girls that work there to help me.  They are not just interested in the sale, they are invested to give me the best look for me.  Win!  Win!

I always change my makeup as the weather changes.  The shadows, lipstick, and even moisturizer changes from the lightweight and bronzed look I like in the summer.  As it gets cooler and the clothes get heavier, my makeup colors change too.  I embrace the deeper, richer colors and look forward to the look.  Just like with my clothes, I enjoy changing it up to keep my look from getting boring…… about you?

If you have never tried Mac shadows, I will always suggest them as ones to try and see if you don’t just fall for them.  No matter how many other shadows I try, seems I always end up back at the Mac store or Mac counter.

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Fashion….what’s a girl to do

Looking through magazines, catalogues, and watching television, one might get very confused when it comes to fashion..right???!!!  Not in style, dated, trendy, on point fashion, and many other words.  Flair jeans, skinny, high waist, distressed, not distressed, legging, bootie, open toe, knee high, over the knee, white boot, no to white, bell sleeve, cold shoulder, cage neck, velveteen, embroidered, belt, no belt…..

The descriptions go on and on and the trends come and go.  But the trends don’t go forever!  If we live long enough, we will see a repeat of a style we one time embraced.  I clearly remember when bell bottom pants we’re in style in the 70’s and I can remember when the style made a comeback.  My daughter embraced it, I did not!  Some things we just don’t have to do again.  There have been other trends she would talk to me about and I would just usually tell her, “I have already done that.”  
I talk about all this because it is a reality but we really do not have to get caught up in it.  It does not have to be confusing and difficult.  Once we know our style, which I talk about so much, we can say no.  We can pass by things that do not appeal to us and we can look great.  We can embrace our style and look stylish because we know our style and we own our style.  

 Do you need help discovering what looks best on your body type?  The shopping is more fun and mistakes are less likely to happen.  Now is the perfect time to stop the confusion, embrace your style , and start having fun when you dress.


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     My Friday Favorite….Hair Renewed

Last Sunday morning I was drying my hair and suddenly I heard a loud pop.  I can assure you, the first thing I did was look at my hair to make sure it was not on fire.  The dryer started vibrating in my hand, but it was still blowing warm air, so I continued on with the task of getting the hair dry.  When you have only one dryer in the home, this is one of those desperate times when you hope you can get the job finished.  With a whispered prayer, I finished the task!

Many years ago, my daughter was home and needed to borrow a hair dryer.  She was very unimpressed with my hair dryer and asssured me I was burning my hair and ruining it.  I had gotten used to my dryer and just thought this was the way dryers worked.  My hair was pretty frazzled looking, I must admit.  I am not sure she didn’t put a jinx on my dryer because shortly after, it died. 

 I had seen a talk show with women raving over a new dryer on the market called the T3 dryer.  The women were all talking about their love for this new dryer.  I recalled this information when I was in need and told my daughter this was what I wanted for my birthday.  She got it for me and decided to try it out first.  She loved it so much she immediately went back to Sephora and got one for herself.

Sometimes we dont realize what a difference can be made until we have the opportunity to try something new.  This dryer has helped with the frizz and my hair feels much healthier.  It also dryers faster with less heat.

If you are in the market for a new hair dryer, or any other hair tools, I would suggest looking into the T3 products.  They are an investment you will be happy you made.

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My Friday Favorite….Travel Takes

While packing for a weekend getaway, I began to think about the things I take with me every time I leave home.  Those things that I just cannot leave behind and those things that make me happy wherever I may roam.  I wondered if all women feel the same and thought it would be fun to put it out there for your feedback.

I love getaways and I am really happy if it is even one night away.  I love my home and I love my bed, but I do love travel.  I believe getaways are good for the soul.  I love conversations that happen away from the day to day home setting and I am always surprised by the relaxation that comes when we drive or fly away.

There are a few things that bring a smile to my face when I unpack.img_1301

  • Travel candle…..Notice…..#1 on my list. I have mentioned before how I love candles and no matter where I go, I will always have a candle ready to burn.   It makes me feel special, appreciated by my own self, and just a little more feminine.
  • Lingerie bag…..I found a company years ago that make the most beautiful silk envelopes to carry your lingerie in.  I like all of my things contained instead of floating around in my suitcase.  I am one who unpacks and places things ina drawer in a hotel and I like to place my silk envelope in the drawer.  This envelope also has a small sachet in it to keep everything smelling very beautiful…..
  • Beautiful pajamas…..I am not one who like to travel with a robe that takes up lots of space, so I am always on the search for beautiful pajama sets.   I look for sets I am comfortable in, no matter the company.
  • Silk pillowcase…..I use a silk pillowcase at home and decided there was absolutely no reason to not have one to slip over the pillow in a hotel room.  If you have never slept on a silk pillowcase, you should!   You will be so happy and so will your hair!
  • My favorite bar soap…..there are times, I want to use the hotel soap, but not always….sounds very particular, I am sure, but I make no apologies.  I love a beautiful bar of soap and I am happy to furnish that myself if the hotel does not have one I love.😏  It is just an indulgence I love.

I am one who loves to enjoy the small things in life.  Many times , they are not that expensive, they are just pleasures I have discovered and love.  I take the time to appreciate all things feminine.  I celebrate being a woman and all that means to me.  Many beautiful things are experienced in my role as a woman and I celebrate all of them!  What is it you just cannot leave home without?

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Let’s Get Real….

This past weekend was a reality day for me.  

I decided it was time to take the day and turn my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter.  Although it will be quite some time before I can comfortably wear my fall clothes, it is still time to change out the white jeans, the sleeveless, pastel tops, and the strappy sandals.  It is transition time.  It is probably one of my favorite times.  I am over the summer clothes and ready for a change in the mirror.  I am ready to transform a look with a bootie and throw a scarf around my neck and not feel like I am suffocating.  I am ready to drape a heavier piece of jewelry and a turtleneck sweater… long as it is sleeveless! 

But first things first.  The transition takes some work in the closet.  It takes asking those questions myself.  You know…those questions I talk about asking my client.  Those questions that make me get honest about how I feel when I put that jacket on, how I feel when I decide I just cannot get rid of the sweater I know I only wore once.  The same sweater I should have never bought, but decided I needed it because it was on sale.  Yes, I get caught up in the excitement of the sale too and many times it just doesn’t pay.  Also, asking how long has it been since I wore that structured jacket,  and the realization that my own lifestyle has changed.  I don’t need the professional look I did at one time and I don’t need the dress heels that used to be fine when I sat behind a desk. 

I like the changes I made.  I purged a lot more than I have in quite sometime and it felt really good.  I tried on clothes, I talked to myself, and I made some decisions about future spending.  I made notes of what I needed.  Purging really does rid of us some stress.  A clean closet where I can easily see my choices literally feels like a weight is gone.   I made decisions about my shopping habits and I look forward to the subtle changes I can make now.  I put away my summer bag and I wait, expectantly, for the first cold snap!  I played with scarves and changed up some looks with different jewelry choices.  Small changes and a whole new look!

My closet looks great and I am happy with my weekend work.  It took a few hours and I am satisfied!  How about your closet? 

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My Friday Favorite……a beautiful bed

I love a beautiful bed!

What defines a beautiful bed to me may be different from your description of a beautiful bed.  I love a beautiful set of sheets with a ridiculous thread count.  I love a beautiful duvet with a filling that makes the bed look like a marshmallow plush.  And I love a ridiculous number of pillows that do nothing for the bed in a mans eyes, but for a woman, one more is never too many.  Perhaps most important, I love the smell of fresh, clean sheets.

I am fortunate to work one day a week in a fun boutique.  The name is “The Unique Boutique”.   One of the lines carried is TYLER CANDLES.  This line has a linen wash that is beyond description.  There are several scents in the line, but my favorite is Diva.  I always have a diva candle ready to burn, one in the cabinet for backup and one in my gift closet for giving.  And I always have a gallon of diva wash in my laundry room.  I would work solely to keep these items in my home!  They are a luxury that have become a necessity.


This small thing makes me happy.  In recent days, I am consciously reflecting daily and realizing the small gifts I have in my life.  Gifts that I give myself, sometimes, and gifts I receive just because I am alive, well, and healthy.  At times, the smallest gesture we give others might be the fuel they need to keep moving forward.  And sometimes, loving ourselves in small ways can do much for us.  Being kind to ourselves is ok!  I believe women need to hear this at times.

Light that candle, take that bubble bath, buy the diva wash and experience a nights sleep in a world of beautiful emotion.

I encourage women as often as possible.  We are worth it and when we believe it, we will give more and who can’t gain from a giving world…❤️❤️❤️

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