The little things…

It has almost seemed insensitive to me to keep blogging about fashion, makeup, and closet cleaning when the world around me is still whirling because of this guy named Harvey.  We would all just love to forget his name, forget his behavior, and forget what happened to our towns, and our people. It is not possible though.  There is much left to be done and there will be brighter days ahead.  This I know for sure and sometimes we have to actively force our minds to this brighter day.

One thing I always encourage my client about is to honestly realize how something makes her feel when she tries it on for me while working in her closet or when we are shopping.  It is usually obvious to me from the moment she steps out.  Her shoulders are either back, with a smile on her face, or just the opposite is happening; shoulders are somewhat slouched and there is certainly no smile on the face.  I usually ask my client to tell me what she is feeling.  Does this particular outfit make her feel like she is beautiful?  Does this outfit make her feel awful about everything in her life?  Clothes can truly make or break the start of our day. While all these things seem so small, they can make such an impact on us in the day-to-day.

It does not take new clothes daily, it doesn’t take tons of money.  It takes time, it takes want to, and it takes help, sometimes, to clean out, toss, and honestly decide what we want for ourselves.  When our closet is finally down to the items we love, the items that fit just right, the items that make us feel the very best presentation of ourself, it makes a huge difference in our daily life.  Sometimes there is so much clutter it can bring anxiety to us.  At times, we cannot even find items in our closet as we are hurriedly trying to get dressed in the morning.  These are stress factors we just don’t need in our life.               img_1275

There is so much around us we cannot control but I am one who likes to take control of what I can to bring joy and peace to myself.  I am convinced a clean, orderly closet can do that.  If this post resonates with you, I am a phone call away.  We can have such a fun day and your beautiful, orderly closet will bring a peace you may just be looking for…..

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This day…

Well……here we are in Southeast Texas still realing from a storm named Harvey.  Nothing have I ever experienced in my lifetime like this, although I have now seen more storms than I care to recall.  Living 150 miles from Houston and 70 miles from Beaumont, we have cried with each city…….and that doesn’t even begin to touch Rockport, one of our favorite places, which was actually the site of the hurricanes entrance to our great state.

  Harvey was not a welcome guest, and yes, we Texans have a big, welcoming hello and hug for guests from everywhere!  This guy came in uninvited and decided to hang out and wander around way toooooo long!  

When we first heard our area might have some impact from the storm, I started my preparations like everyone else.  Looked in my freezer, made some mental notes,  asked my husband about a few preparations like batteries, water, gasoline, and medicines I needed to be refilled.  I also ask him for his reassurance and hugs because they help keep me grounded.  Also, I decided to download a few more books on kindle, just in case.  We were without electricity 22 days during hurricane Rita, so we do have a little knowledge and knowledge is power.  We did what we could and we waited.

I decided to start writing things down some observations about myself while this storm was going on and found some interesting facts I decided to share.  May not be interesting to you, but I decided I wanted to keep the facts to remember and document.

  • I do not want to talk when I am in the middle of a storm…..I  already knew this about myself, because it is the way I am when I am ill or concerned for my family.  Some people need to talk, some people need to tell what might go wrong, some people need to make jokes to make light of the situation….me, I just want to be quiet.
  • After I have spent the time I need being quiet, and who knows what that time frame is, I need to clean.  Don’t ask me why, but cleaning is healing and seems to set things in order for me.  I need to know that all is in order that I can create order in. I am not talking about cleaning a kitchen counter, I am talking cleaning windows, cleaning crystal, straightening drawers, and even decluttering to take to the shelter.  Realizing, it could all be gone in a moment, but nevertheless, cleaning is therapy for me.
  • Next comes cooking…I love to cook, love to bake, and I find much healing in my kitchen.  The smell of cookies baking, the smell of a pot of soup simmering on the stovetop, bring peace to me.  It’s also healing to me to try to discover what I can create with what is already in my pantry and freezer.  It is amazing how much food is in my home when I feel like I need to go to the grocery store.  I also realized how much comfort food I want.  Bacon, eggs, pancakes, biscuits, gravy, hamburgers that have a bit more grease than normal, seemed to be the food I wanted to be eating.  Always good food, but not food I usually crave.
  • I do not relax….one might think, “I would give anything for a week of rain to sit and read, clean, or cook.”  Perhaps there are those who could sit with a book and relax.  Oh, I might just envy you!  I work hard to keep myself at peace.  I am happy to say I do this better than I used to, but it is a genuine moment by moment decision for me.  I no longer allow myself to let the “what ifs” come in.  When they do, I utter a prayer.  I try very hard to look only at today.  I have learned this is the best suggestion for me, and I am sure our Lord asks this of us.  Living in today because today has enough worries of its own has become my goal.  I have discovered most of my anxiety is not in today’s problems, but the ones I decided to worry about that just might come up tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not promised and why do I need to try to fix tomorrow anyway????
  • I love to burn a scented candle….it was a small thing, but every morning my sweet husband would light my favorite candle and I cannot tell you the smile it brought to my heart…❤️❤️❤️
  • I am growing in my faith……this makes my heart swell!!!   I can truly tell you, the storms of life, no pun intended, have brought my faith walk to a sounder place.  I have not attained perfection and I know I won’t ever be perfect in this, but the ability to allow my faith to settle my fears is a gift I am so thankful for.  A foundation stronger because of trials, heartaches, and loss have given me this faith.  To me, it seems this is how it works for most of us.  Trials do strengthen us and if we live long enough, we will have trials.  The great news is that they can change me for the better if I allow the process.
  • I have learned I cannot predict or plan the future…..goes along with prior point but I am one who does like a plan, and likes to see my plan work out.  Well guess what….sometimes it just doesn’t even matter!  
  • I have a huge family that love me and they don’t all share my last name…I am richly blessed!  
  • The smallest act of generosity or kindness can change a life…..hugs and smiles are free!!!
  • Now abideth, FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE………the greatest of these is ❤️ ❤️❤️
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Let’s just get graphic

Yes, I live in the part of Texas where rain has been going on since last Friday and flooding is all around me.  I am not directly flooded and do not expect to be, but I have many friends, and family, that are being affected in dire ways.  We continue to pray and believe this will be over soon and lives can start to get back on track. It will be a long, slow process, but we never know how strong we are until…. #texasstrong

I decided to just show a little of my attitude in the face of Harvey and hopefully, put a few smiles on some sorrowful faces.  I have cleaned, read, cooked, and eaten way too much.  My walking has come to an abrupt halt but I may soon grab a rain jacket, put on my rain boots and take a hike….while not so quietly telling Harvey to take a hike too!!!! #harveyweareoveryou

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am confident that one day soon the sun will shine, the skies will burst forth with a beautiful glow of a warm sun and all will be well in our homes again.  In the time until, remember there are many people that can use our prayers, our hugs, and our love.  A smile is sunshine to many right now.




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My Friday Favorite……Suede Protector

If anyone took a look in my closet, they might be surprised at the number of booties and boots I own.  I hesitate to even broach this subject for concern people may take this statement the wrong way.  Please understand, as I am not being boastful.  I sincerely hope to get this message across by the end of this post.

The last time I was in Nordstrom in Austin, I ended up in the shoe department…..shocker,  I know!  At the check out counter I noticed a product I had seen online.  It was a spray protectant for Suede.  I had read reviews and taken note earlier to be sure to inquire about this product.  shop hereimg_1202

When I buy a new pair of shoes or boots of any kind, a lot of consideration goes into the purchase.  I usually go ahead and spend a little more on shoes because I know my history with said shoes.  If I love the shoes, I can assure you they will be worn for years.  I truly have shoes, especially boots and booties, I have had 10 years.  This is also my reason for talking of outstanding sales!  I want to save money just like the rest of the world and I love a good sale.  I am willing to shout it from the “blog post” when I know  of a great sale!

I intentionally work to care for everything  I have been privileged to own.  I am thankful for all I have, and try to take nothing for granted.  Shoes are just one example.  I can also share that I  have regretted not taking care of shoes when they ended up with water spots.  When I discover a product I love, I am willing to share my love and get others thoughts on the product or a product they love even more.

Before the winter season comes, I would encourage you to look into this product if you have new suede boots.  It is also good for the shoes you already have that need to be protected from rain, snow, and wet weather of any kind.  The product is easy to use.  I did not buy the brush because i already own a shoe brush, but, if you don’t, this would be a good item to invest in also.

I have made up my mind that spending a small amount of time to insure the beauty of my suede boots will certainly be worth the price of this product and also worth my time. Knowing I can protect my beautiful new boots so easily makes me think “Why wouldn’t I?”

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Happy moments…happy words…

When I made the decision to start a business venture, I had to straighten my back and know that what I was doing was for my fulfillment, my satisfaction, and my desire to be of service.  I knew  I had a God-given talent, and I knew I was passionate about what I desired to do.  I also knew it would most likely be a slow process and it would cause me some anxiety; if for no other reason than I wanted a happy client.

I asked myself many questions before I started and got the word out about the business.  One of the main questions I asked myself was what did I expect from the business.  I knew I had to have definite expectations and I knew I had to have goals in mind in order to have a gauge for satisfaction and triumph at the end of the day, month, year, and years.  I also knew I needed confidence in my ability at the end of the day.  I was sure women would expect excellence if they were paying for it and I considered I would have to stand tall in the face of an argument about the shirt from college she still wanted to wear publicly.

One thing my daughter suggested was that I do a goal board.  It helped me to be visual with my goals and expectations.  It also made me “put it out there” so I wouldn’t forget how high I wanted to reach!  It had a major impact on me then, and still does when I look at my board, to see the goals I have completed and goals I am still stretching myself to attain.  

The reason for this post today is because I have attained a goal that was not really visual, but more in my heart.  Today, a lady called me, wanting to set up an appointment for a closet consultation and work.  But it was her words that really resonated in my heart.  She told me she did not know I did this, but “several”  women had recommended me and told her to call me if she was serious about a new look and a clean space.  This beautiful lady is at a new time in her life; last daughter leaving this weekend for college, and it is the empty nest and a new chapter for her and her husband.  She knows she has neglected herself and now is ready to concentrate on her closet and her wardrobe.  These were her words.

My desire is for women to know their potential, know they can look the way they dream of looking and have a closet they love.  It continues to make me smile as I see another set of shoulders straighten and another woman smile as she looks in the mirror.  This is your time….give me a call!

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My Friday favorite….booties and shorts

I mentioned the dog days of summer in my last blog post and are we ever in them!!!  I am so looking forward to cooler days but I know I have a couple of months to go in my corner of the state before some real fall changes come about.  Our summers stretch out and really take more than their share of the calendar, as far as I am concerned.  So….my solution to this….you guessed!  Half way dress summer, half way dress for fall and enjoy the changes in my look.

I know I am not the inventor of this look, but I sure like creating the changes, one bootie at a time.  I got a couple of pair of booties during the Nordstrom sale, so I was ready to play in my closet and create a few new looks!


a statement necklace always dresses up a look



love a loose weave sweater right now








This was my first bootie while shopping the Nordstrom sale and I immediately placed it in my cart.  I realized I did not have an open toe bootie in black and this one by Vince Camutto was everything I wanted in suede leather.  This is a brand I always go to and the comfort is there once again.    I liked the heel and the boot just had a look.   When I got the booties in the mail, I was really happy with the way they looked on my leg…somehow, they elongated my leg and I always like that!  This is one way to usher in the cooler weather…mentally, at least.  Dress for it, and it will come?  Not sure, but here’s to cooler days….ahead!






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Could you……

I have been pondering a question for some time now and decided to take  it to social media and my friends who follow me on WordPress, Instagram or Facebook.

The question is……. could you feel as good about yourself if you were required to go public without any makeup?  I am talking no makeup whatsoever. I will give you your moisturizer, with SPF, of course, but that is it!!!!  No gloss on the lips, no eyebrow pencil, no blush.

Oh…. you can get dressed, bring out the heels, get that hair just right, just no to the makeup.  No to the bronzer that gives you the sun, no to the lipstick that brightens your teeth, no to the shadow that makes your eye color pop, and no to the mascara that magically brings out the lashes.

I have always been a makeup lover, but I have never been a makeup horder.  I don’t like clutter and I don’t like half empty products, so that has never been a problem for me.  I do like experimenting with different products and am always looking for better.  Sometimes, the skin needs change and sometimes, I need different products because of the season.  Example….I live in a very hot, humid part of Texas so my needs in the summer are very different from what I bump up to in the winter time.  Even then, I don’t need what my sisters in the colder climates need, those sisters that actually get to walk in the snow.

As time has gone on, I also just feel better when I take the time to put on a little something every day.  It may be tinted moisturizer and lip stain, but it just makes me happier when I look in the mirror.  I used to go public with no makeup and still do at times, but that is usually after workouts, or a quick Saturday morning run to the grocery store.

For me, it is all about how something makes me feel about myself.  I always want to feel good about my accomplishments, my attitude toward others, my attitude towards myself, and my true, authentic self.  Most of the time that has nothing to do with makeup.  I have noticed, it usually has more to do with how I have treated my body with diet, exercise, and showing up every day in whatever realm is required of me on that given day.  For me, again, that usually requires dressing the part.  If I feel good about my choice of clothing, presentation of myself in my choices of makeup, hair status, and my general appearance, I usually can say I do a better job at whatever it is I am doing.

Some days, we just are in a slump.  I understand that.  Some days, we haven’t had the rest we need or find out a few days later, we are coming down with a cold.  But, when we have the opportunity to get up, dress up, and show up, if we put that best foot forward, we usually feel better at the end of the day.  When everything in our closet and makeup drawer is something we love, the choices are so much easier.

My thoughts on this dog day of summer….I am needing all the help I can get!  How do you feel about your makeup routine on a daily basis?  What are you “go to” products that make you happy to show up and, all in all, feel better daily?

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