Could you……

I have been pondering a question for some time now and decided to take  it to social media and my friends who follow me on WordPress, Instagram or Facebook.

The question is……. could you feel as good about yourself if you were required to go public without any makeup?  I am talking no makeup whatsoever. I will give you your moisturizer, with SPF, of course, but that is it!!!!  No gloss on the lips, no eyebrow pencil, no blush.

Oh…. you can get dressed, bring out the heels, get that hair just right, just no to the makeup.  No to the bronzer that gives you the sun, no to the lipstick that brightens your teeth, no to the shadow that makes your eye color pop, and no to the mascara that magically brings out the lashes.

I have always been a makeup lover, but I have never been a makeup horder.  I don’t like clutter and I don’t like half empty products, so that has never been a problem for me.  I do like experimenting with different products and am always looking for better.  Sometimes, the skin needs change and sometimes, I need different products because of the season.  Example….I live in a very hot, humid part of Texas so my needs in the summer are very different from what I bump up to in the winter time.  Even then, I don’t need what my sisters in the colder climates need, those sisters that actually get to walk in the snow.

As time has gone on, I also just feel better when I take the time to put on a little something every day.  It may be tinted moisturizer and lip stain, but it just makes me happier when I look in the mirror.  I used to go public with no makeup and still do at times, but that is usually after workouts, or a quick Saturday morning run to the grocery store.

For me, it is all about how something makes me feel about myself.  I always want to feel good about my accomplishments, my attitude toward others, my attitude towards myself, and my true, authentic self.  Most of the time that has nothing to do with makeup.  I have noticed, it usually has more to do with how I have treated my body with diet, exercise, and showing up every day in whatever realm is required of me on that given day.  For me, again, that usually requires dressing the part.  If I feel good about my choice of clothing, presentation of myself in my choices of makeup, hair status, and my general appearance, I usually can say I do a better job at whatever it is I am doing.

Some days, we just are in a slump.  I understand that.  Some days, we haven’t had the rest we need or find out a few days later, we are coming down with a cold.  But, when we have the opportunity to get up, dress up, and show up, if we put that best foot forward, we usually feel better at the end of the day.  When everything in our closet and makeup drawer is something we love, the choices are so much easier.

My thoughts on this dog day of summer….I am needing all the help I can get!  How do you feel about your makeup routine on a daily basis?  What are you “go to” products that make you happy to show up and, all in all, feel better daily?

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My Friday Favorite…..a new hemline

Don’t worry mother……I am not taking my dress hem up another inch.  Guess a few more of you have memories of that battle back in the day….ha!  I really did live in the time of micro minis and I did have battles with my mother, always wanting a shorter length on my dresses and skirts.   I hadn’t thought of that in years, but as I started typing, that vision fell into my brain.  Kind of dangerous mind I have at times.ūüėŹ.  I guess you could say, off the cuff!

My real topic today is hemlines on jeans.  How much fun are we having, expressing ourselves in our jeans now.   Wow!!  We have raw, slant, decorated, embellished, ruffled, distressed, and I guess anything else you desire to do.  The fun I have had with all these different styles is updating a few of my own jeans.  I have been very happy with a rolled cuff style because I am a little on the shorter side.  I usually have to have my jeans hemmed upon purchase.  This always takes time and I am usually excited to wear the new jean.  So, when I can just roll a cuff and go, I am one happy girl!  Guess what!!!!   I have taken a few pair of these rolled jeans and had some fun with a pair of scissors.  My own designs, my new jeans!!!!!!  It is a really easy way to have a new pair of updated jeans without spending a penny.

This, too, is one of my favorite things to do with clients.  Get a little creative, step out of our usual box and try something a little different.  Have fun dressing, and get excited to experience something a little unusual or different for you.  Get your creative juices flowing and have some fun.

Truly, style changes so fast, and sometimes I am just not ready to toss the jeans I payed hard-earned money for and still love, just in order to have the latest style.  This is also one way I have found to update a few pair I have, perhaps, decided I am a little tired of.  Transform the hem, and transform my attitude toward the jeans.   This weekend might be a fun time to try on your jeans and deciding if this is the time to change your hem look.  Have fun! ūüíĖ

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It just happened….

We often look back on something in our lives and realize how perfectly it worked out.   Sometimes it is just a serendipitous experience or a very strategic plan.  Either way, when it works, it is a wonderful gift.

This is how my business started, and I consider every client a gift. ¬†I love every experience I get to have with each client that has come into my life. ¬†It wasn’t a planned part of the job, but from the very first closet I walked into, I asked my client what her favorite thing in her closet was. ¬†She looked at me somewhat frightened and I assured her there was no right or wrong answer. ¬†After a few moments of pondering this question, she had a very direct answer. ¬†Then she proceeded to talk about said item and in a very short period of time, I knew a lot more about my new client than I would have any other way. ¬†I had not planned this as a part of my strategic work plan, but I certainly incorporated it from that moment on. ¬†As I stated to her, there is no right or wrong answer, but knowing, or not knowing this bit of information is important to me. ¬†I get a glimpse into my client that would come no other way.

Sometimes it is easy to talk to people, sometimes, it is not. ¬†When I am in someone’s closet, I realize it can be a little intimidating for them. ¬† I consider that many people feel immediately judged and that is not my job. ¬†Starting the job by asking a particular question can break the ice and get us a little better acquainted. ¬†I assure clients I am there to do a job, but it is somewhat hard for most ladies to relax and have fun. ¬†Some clients do not care if I judge them or not! ¬†They are just desperate for help and any way they can get help is the bottom line. ¬†Some clients are unsure if they really need me or not. ¬†Then I feel it is my job to assure her, only by my talents and skills. ¬†Then there is the client that just wants to have fun, wants a fresh outlook in dressing and is ready for a new style. ¬†Many times this client loves dressing, she just desires an updated, different idea. ¬†Many times, she is the client who just doesn’t have the time or desire to do the looking and shopping. ¬†Wow….do we ever have fun.

When I ask the question, “what is your favorite thing in your closet”, ¬†I am not looking for a particular answer, but I love to hear the different answers. ¬†Sometimes it is a clothing item, sometimes it’s a pair of shoes, and other times, it is a piece of jewelry the client fell in love with but now doesn’t know what to do with it. ¬†What fun it is to help my client find a totally new way to wear their “favorite thing” or style it for a whole new, out of the box, look.

This is why I am passionate about my work and why I love to sit in your closet and talk. ¬†‚̧ԳŹ ¬†Let’s plan to chat about your wardrobe woes and your favorite thing! ¬†I think the name of my business says it all…PS…just for you!

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My Friday Favorite….Barefoot Dreams¬†

Sunday, August 6, the anniversary sale of Nordstrom will be over.  Some of you may be saying, “thank goodness, I am tired of hearing about it!”  But it has been a great sale and I hope you took advantage if you had a need for your closet or your home.  Also, I tried to keep the holiday season in mind.

One of the favorite things I love in my closet is my Barefoot Dreams robe.   Also, I have this sweater that I wear during the cooler weather of East Texas.


I was introduced to this line during a shopping trip to the nutcracker market in Houston.  This event is put on by the Houston Ballet and is a wondrous event every November. Such a fun time and the best of the best when it comes to unusual and never seen before gift items.

I noticed during my scanning of the anniversary sale, Barefoot Dreams now has a throw.  What????!!!


I had never seen these before!!! It may have been around awhile, but I had not ever cuddled up in one of these blankets.  I was impressed with the sale price too.  I know for a fact these items wash beautifully and I cannot even imagine how fabulous it will be to wrap up on my couch with this throw and my kindle on a rainy, winter, day.  A nice glowing fire would just top it off.  

softest throwI think I am dreaming of cooler days.  I may have to hide this throw from my husband because he has decided a throw is a fun thing to drape across his legs during the winter months and also during his nap times all year.  Maybe I will just get him his own Barefoot Dreams throw……hmmmmmm.  Nice gift idea ūüí° 
This company really does great work and I love every item I find in their line….no kidding.  They market their products beautifully and their baby line is wonderful too…..

If you haven’t spent all the money you wanted to at the Nordstrom sale….you have the day to knock out the wishes and needs…….

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Sometimes we have to roll with it….

Wow!!!!   What a week it has been. Had a beautiful post ready except for the last bit of editing and arranging pics from my final shopping  the Nordstrom sale, 2017.  I knew everyone was pretty ready for us bloggers to stop with the Nordstrom sale, but I seriously think this was one for the books. Great sale and great job Nordstrom for keeping things restocked and great customer service when computer problems arose!  Seriously, the best customer service, in my opinion, out there!!!!  And in this day and time, it is what I believe will be the secret to keeping customers.  Bring back the days of customer service run by caring, concerned service people that love their job!!!!

Well, anyway….. ¬†all this ¬†to say, our computer service in my part of the state and about a 150 mile radius, I was told, has been down 2 days. Now that I write that, it doesn’t seem like much, but try running a ¬†business, shop, watch tv, or even make a phone call to schedule an appointment with a doctors office. Uh, huh….. not fun and a very long 2 days. So…. no viewing of some of my favorites from the sale.

I will tell you, the sale lasts through this Sunday, August 6, then it is over and prices go back up. Hope you find all you wanted to have a great fall season of dressing or Christmas gifts to please everyone on your list.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of a day trip with my husband. ¬†One of those unplanned trips that end up making for the best of days. We sat at lunch with absolutely no distractions, no electronics, and looked across the table from each other for 2 hours. Then a trip to Starbucks came into the ¬†picture, followed by the movie Dunkirk. ¬†We have been trying to fit this movie in for quite some time and it finally happened. Once again….. great movie and time to reflect on our freedoms and the price paid by very young men for all we enjoy.

Sometimes, it is really about stopping to unplug, even if we have no choice when that happens. Have a nice lunch, talk, look into the eyes of your best friend, and feel the joy that comes in the moment.  That is how I spent my Thursday. What better way to spend an August day, I ask!

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My Friday favorite…homemade pesto

Earlier I promised from time to time to share some of my favorite recipes.  I decided when I looked at my thriving basil plant that is almost at the point of flowering, it was time to make my favorite pesto.  I love to use it on pizzas, pasta, grilled or baked chicken, and sometimes, I let it sit out a bit and just eat it over fresh tomatoes.  I love the color of fresh pesto.  It is the most beautiful green and I cannot tell you how my kitchen smells once I start chopping the basil.  Some smells cannot be described with words.  Fresh, beautiful, and oh……the taste!  Who doesn’t feel proud to reap the rewards of growing herbs.

I love having this pesto on hand come October when my plant has decided its growing season is over.  She has given herself and is no longer willing to produce.img_3223-1.jpgimg_3224-1This year has been a great year for herbs because we have had plenty of rain.  The rain is good for everything and my herbs have truly thrived this year.   Hasn’t hurt my feelings that the air conditioner has had a little rest also!

This pesto is so easy to make and takes only minutes.  I really think I could eat it by the spoonful, but I haven’t tried.  The temptation is strong!  I can assure you this is the night we will make homemade pizzas and perhaps tomorrow it will sit atop a beautiful fresh tomato for my lunch.

After picking and washing approximately 4 cups of fresh basil leaves, I place 1/4 cup pine nuts in the microwave and toast them for approximately 2 minutes.  After 1 minute, it is wise to go with 15 second intervals so the nuts don’t get burned.  I do this instead of turning on the oven for a few nuts.  If I am making a large batch, I either place the nuts in the oven or toast in a skillet on top of the stove.  The microwave works for me and comes in handy for one batch.   I then allow the nuts to cool, which helps the flavor to come up and allows the nuts  to crisp up.  Some people use walnuts because of the price of pine nuts, but I buy pine nuts in bulk and keep in freezer.

Like any good carpenter would tell you, the tools in a kitchen are worth their cost and even if used for only one process, the tool can change your attitude about cooking.  I love my garlic press and I love my hard cheese grater.  Both tools are used often in my home.  I grate 2 oz Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and crush 3 cloves garlic.  Your garlic taste may be different, so feel free to add or take away.  If I have a fresh lemon on hand, I may zest a small amount of peel in also.  I enjoy that flavor, especially in the summer, but if I don’t have lemon, I just move on.  I toss in 1/4 teaspoon salt and place all in a food processor or when making one batch I use my NutriBullet. I usually get this chopping and then slowly start adding 1/2 cup olive oil at a drizzling pace.   This is a fun, quick job for me and I love sharing my beautiful pesto with friends.  There is nothing that smells more like summertime to me than basil.   A nice glass of basil lemonade also helps me enjoy the summer days…


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Lazy crazy days…

Wow….here it is mid July and it seems to me, the summer has flown by.  In my part of the world, regardless of the fact July is almost over, there is much summer left.  Actually, until October, we will deal with many, many more hot days. 

How then, do we continue to enjoy our summer clothes and not get extremely bored with the clothes in our closet?  How do we avoid buying unnecessary items we will wonder why we bought when, in another month, we would really rather be shopping for those cute new booties?    Maybe you have asked these questions.  The clothes you loved in April are becoming a little less exciting when you look in the mirror.  This is something I deal with when talking to clients all the time.  I thought I would give a few suggestions that could help you have fun getting dressed in these lazy, dog days of summer.  Just a little summer fun from the closet.  A smile to the face on these hot summer days.  Like snow cones in July!

First of all, I think we should have fun when we dress.  Instead of just thinking shirt, pants, and shoes, how about thinking accessory first?  Perhaps you did get a new spring beach bag.  Maybe it’s time to dress around that new silver beach tote.  Yes!  Bring out that beach tote and decide which summer dress would be fun to wear with your bag.  How about tying a fun scarf around the handle of the tote and enjoy the new look.  Perhaps it could lift your spirits, even if you don’t get to go to the beach.  Take the sun screen out, and enjoy your new summer tote.  I have a straw one that I love to carry.  It even says beach on it.

How about that new straw hat you finally decided to buy?   You know you love wearing it!!!  What could be more fun than lunch out with your girls and your summer hat.  Something about putting on a hat makes me just feel different.  Same white shorts, same fun top, but the hat just changed the look and my attitude about the heat!  I am also loving the head wraps and head scarves this summer.  Such a fun, chic look and another way to disguise a day you just don’t want to worry with the hair.  A great look for the beach hair too.

Look in that jewelry cabinet…..nothing more fun than stepping outside the box and wearing that torquoise necklace with your shorts instead of the dress you always put it with.  Now what about the pearls you wear only on Sunday to church.  How fun will they be to wear on your lunch date with your daughter to the fun new bistro.  Go ahead, wrap another strand around your wrist.   Why not dress up that white T with pearls…..who says we can’t?  Why not celebrate a Tuesday coffee with your husband wearing that fun straw hat again with your summer floral dress.  Why can’t he see you in a dress for coffee?  Speaking of white T…how about slipping it over that spaghetti strap dress and creating a whole new look.  Maybe even a belt?  Give it a try, you might just love it!

My white converse have been my favorite shoe this summer.  Instead of sandals, I have donned the converse with my short and maxi dresses this year.  Talk about comfort and yes, different for me.  It has been a fun change.

Now, come August how fun will it be to get out the booties or go ahead and buy the new ones you have been drooling over for fall.  Maybe you struck it lucky and got them on the Nordstrom sale.  What a fun look they are with shorts.  Also a fun look with the little dresses you have worn with your sandals all summer.  Booties can totally create a new look and you are still wearing that same great dress.  Others might not think so, but we know!

These are just a few ways to be creative with the summer heat and enjoy the clothes in your closet.  Also just a little adventure into something, perhaps, new for you.   It is also why I stress buying clothes you love.  By changing a few accessories, you can continue to wear clothes you love, but don’t have to feel ho hum during the final countdown of summer. 

Have fun and step out!!!

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My favorite…..eyebrows

img_1101I posted a few pictures recently and I have been asked several times about my eyebrows.  I must confess I am at a time in life, it seems, I need a little help when it comes to how full I want my eyebrows to be.

In my youth, I had very thick brows and hated plucking them. ¬†I even had electrolysis done to clean up the brow area and never have regretted it. It was a long and somewhat painful process, but it was worth it. ¬†Now I find that my brows are just not as thick as they used to be. ¬†I don’t have to do a lot, but I do like a fuller look to shape my eye.

I have tried several products and I think I have finally found the one. ¬†Now, that is not to say, if my needs change, I won’t be on the search again. ¬†But for now, I have a new love.

I use Benefit, ka-brow! Cream-Gel Eyebrow color. I don’t like a pencil because, for me, it is hard to not go overboard. ¬†I don’t like a powder because it seems to get all over my face and who wants that???? ¬†I now use what seems to be like a creamy shadow. ¬†I apply with a brush and then the product sets. ¬†For me, this seems to be working. ¬†I also love that there are several shades to choose from. ¬†As with any new product, it took a little time to get used to the application process, but now I am able to fill in my brow area, and get on about the business of the rest of my face. ¬†I use a Mac eyebrow brush because I love it. ¬†It helps the whole process go quickly and a good brush is a must….just ask any artist!

This is my choice for brows that fill out and stay in place.  Give it a try if you have a need for fuller brows and let me know what you think of Benefit.  I love many products in this makeup line!

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Anniversary Sale….

Sometimes we just need to share the love, share the good news, and share the finds. #NSale

This week, the Nordstrom anniversary sale starts. It starts this week if you are a card holder, but next week if you are not.  It is a really great sale because it isn’t the summer products the store is trying to get rid of before they start stocking the fall and winter merchandise. No, this is the fall clothes, shoes, and beauty products we will want to have in our closet when the first hint of fall air blows in.  #NSale

The leather, the new booties, the new fall bag, and the workout clothes that need to be replaced.  It’s our first glimpse of what’s new and it’s on sale!!!  And the sale isn’t just pennies….#NSale

My favorite part of shopping Nordstrom is the ease of free shipping and free returns.  It is truly some of the simplest shopping out there. That is a huge plus for someone who lives in a very rural area of the state.  It is a huge plus for those that don’t care about the trip, don’t care about having to find parking places, and it is a plus if you like to shop in your pajamas at the hour you decide.  What doesn’t work is packed right back up and taken to the post office with extreme ease.  This is the bonus I need.  Well, I don’t know if I need a bonus when it comes to Nordstrom shopping but it is certainly a perk I love. Makes me think Nordstrom first, I can assure you!  #NSale

One way I have decided to beat the heat is to stay inside tomorrow with a nice glass of minted tea and do some preshopping.  I will dream about the places I will roam in new booties and a new suede hat. I will indulge in new work out gear and I just might consider a new beauty product.  What’s on your list for fall?  #NSale

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My favorite…..accessories

I hope you noticed I said accessories, not accessory.  If I had to choose one accessory, I would just have to say ” I am out” because it would not be possible for me.  I think if anyone would describe my style of dressing, they might say “accessorized”. 

It is really hard for me to put on a pair of pants, a top, and think…DONE.  I would say the same thing about putting on a dress, and even work out clothes .  If I think I may have to run an errand after yoga class or my walk in the park, I will be grabbing a vinyasa scarf!  

I have said it is hard to think even jewelry in the summertime in my part of the state of Texas.  It is considerably hot and the look for dressing is minimal and fabrics chosen that are as lightweight as you can find.  Think cottons, linens, and absorbent.  But all that being said, I will still find a way to perfect a summer look.  I will find one tasseled necklace in a beautiful tropical color or the perfect gauze scarf.

That being said, I had to talk about my great find this past weekend…you guessed it!  A perfect, lightweight, white, gauze, tasseled scarf.  Could I have just described a more perfect accessory!  I almost did a backflip in the store, but I was concerned they might invite me to leave the shop.  Also of concern, other shoppers would run and tackle me for this last white scarf since I had found the perfect summer accessory.  On sale, I might add. 

To me, a scarf could just be the perfect summer accessory.  It is my fun extra piece, it is my wrap when I go into a restaurant that is pumping the cool air because of the humidity, it is my swimsuit coverup, it could even be my seat if I decide on an impromptu picnic.  I love to throw a scarf across my bed to have a fun, accessorized bed too.  

I can hardly wait to see what all I can accessorize with this beauty and I can tell you, I will let you in on my secrets…

I also wanted you to see just how sheer this fabric is….oh, what a beautiful scarf!

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